Planned Giving

Love Has Four Paws and a Wet Nose
Creating a Legacy of Animal Care

Photo of a hummingbird in flowers.

An interesting by-product of preparing your estate is discovering how the process creates extreme clarity of where your true passions lie.

For Garland and Nancy West this meant establishing continued care for the four-legged creatures that they had spent much of their lives rescuing and fostering.

"As we started our estate work, we looked for places that might share at least some of our personal philosophy and feelings about the human-animal bond," Garland says.

The couple's search brought up one name over and over again—the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM). The couple looked a bit closer. They didn't want their gift to go to just any veterinary school. "We want to channel any support we can provide to an institution that doesn't just think in the same way we do but also acts to deliver on that philosophy," Garland says.

"We want to support a college that sees veterinary science as a rewarding career, certainly, but more so as a significant component of and contributor to a much wider, more important, more critical societal role and obligation."

With very specific goals for their gift, the Wests were able to work with the UT Foundation to establish a bequest to benefit UTCVM scholarships. The couple found comfort that their gift will allow passionate individuals to pursue careers in veterinary medicine.

"By making a planned gift, you can continue to help organizations that are meaningful to you even after you are gone," says Angelia Nystrom, director of specialty programs at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA). "Planned gifts often allow you to make a larger charitable gift than you ever thought possible."

For the Wests, that means generous support of academic scholarships for UTCVM.

If you are interested in learning more about planned giving or how you can match your financial means with your passion, contact Angelia Nystrom at 865-974-7423 or


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