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Alumnus' Gift Will Have Broad Impact
Joe Taylor Honors Alma Mater with Gift in His Will

Photo of Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor left a gift to UTIA in his will to support the UT College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

Joe Taylor was extraordinarily proud to be a graduate of the University of Tennessee's College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. As an alumnus with both bachelor's and master's degrees in animal husbandry, Joe supported the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture (UTIA) for many years with annual gifts. Following his death, it was no surprise that he continued that support with a gift in his will. Joe's daughter, Beth Taylor-Dodd, explains her father's intent: "Daddy left inheritance money to a few family members, but he intended to have the last and largest amount go to UTIA—where he got his start. He was so proud to be a UT graduate, and he was intent on ensuring the continued success of the UT Institute of Agriculture."

While most gifts received by UTIA are for restricted purposes—meaning that their use is designated in the gift—Joe directed that his gift should be unrestricted.

"Restricted funds enable us to pursue excellence in our planned research, teaching, and extension programs but do not allow for rapid response to new and emerging opportunities or needs," says UTIA Chancellor Tim Cross. "Mr. Taylor, though, has entrusted us with a gift that will enable our Institute to be nimble and to respond quickly with resources to address urgent, high-priority projects or programs. The flexibility this gift provides ensures that we will have funds to meet unexpected needs for many years to come."

Joe's gift has been used to create an endowment to support the broad mission of UTIA and will be used to achieve its mission of providing real-life solutions to those served by its programs. Because Joe was an animal husbandry graduate and a long-term employee of the Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, first priority for use of the funds will be given to projects or programs related to livestock production, nutrition, and animal health that are interdisciplinary and encompass faculty and staff in CASNR, AgResearch, UT Extension, and the UT College of Veterinary Medicine. The gift will have broad impact for many areas at UTIA for years to come.

"It's humbling to think about the trust Mr. Taylor has demonstrated by giving not only throughout his lifetime but also after his death," says Chancellor Cross. "We talk about the positive impact that our educational programs have on our graduates, but Mr. Taylor's gift speaks volumes about the degree to which he felt compelled to give back to UTIA. There are many, many ways that his estate could have been settled, and to think that he chose our Institute for such a large final gift demonstrates just how much he cared about our faculty and staff as a result of his undergraduate and graduate studies in CASNR. It is almost impossible to imagine the far-reaching effects that his gift will have on future generations."

To discover ways that you can support UTIA through gifts in your will or revocable trust like Joe Taylor did, contact Angelia M. Nystrom, JD, LLM, at 865-974-7423 or in UTIA's planned giving office.


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