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Passion for Sports Leads to Bequest for the College of Veterinary Medicine

Sue and Larry Landry
Sue and Larry Landry

They say that travel opens the mind and heart, and that is certainly the case for Sue and Larry Landry. Larry’s work has taken Sue and him across the U.S. and Canada, and they have been passionate supporters of the sports teams in the areas in which they have lived.

When work brought them to Chattanooga in the early 2000s, Sue surprised Larry with season tickets to the University of Tennessee football games. Each weekend in the fall, Sue and Larry would load up their RV and head to Knoxville, queue by the water, and then “parade” to their designated parking area at the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “We parked with the same group every week,” says Larry. “They became like family to us.”

They fell in love with the passion and camaraderie found not only inside the football stadium but also at the College of Veterinary Medicine. “We love all animals—but especially cats—and we were able to see firsthand the work taking place at CVM,” shares Sue. They were impressed with the compassion and dedication that they saw from the faculty, staff, and students each week.

Their admiration for CVM inspired Larry to surprise Sue at Christmas a few years later: he wanted to create an estate plan that supported the charities and organizations that they care about and also honor Sue’s passion for animals, and particularly cats. Because of the people that they had met and the work that they had observed firsthand at CVM, a scholarship endowment for deserving veterinary students was the logical choice. With the assistance of their attorney, Sue and Larry established a scholarship endowment for CVM through a bequest under their wills. The scholarship will be open to any student at CVM with a passion for caring for animals and a demonstrated financial need.

In structuring their bequest, they understood that veterinary education is expensive and that students often incur lots of debt. “Most will not make a lot of money,” Larry says, “which makes paying off educational loans difficult.” The Landrys appreciate that students who go into veterinary medicine do it because they are committed to caring for animals.

“We are excited that our bequest will someday be able to make things easier financially for those students,” says Sue.


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